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Theme: Development of Systems How do institutions cope with APL? This assembly will explore how higher education institutions (HEIs) could be better equipped to facilitate and attract learners via the accreditation of prior learning (APL) route. The use of technology to facilitate the APL process will be discussed. A previous TELSTAR Assembly highlighted some of [...]

XCRI and CCLip assembly

Embedding XCRi in partnership  1. Lessons learned from CCLIP This first part of the assembly will discuss the challenges encountered and the lessons learned from the CCLIP project, i.e. the development of a CPD portal to promote and support the needs of both cultural partners and the educational institution partners. 2. XCRi – the UK [...]

SMART and HELLO assembly

Supporting mentoring through the use of technology This assembly will share the experience of the SMART and HELLO Projects, discuss good practice and key current thinking. The facilitators will outline staffing, technology and development experiences. The SMART team will demonstrate the main system developments and identify other influences of the system, both from within their own institution and other [...]

Creating a sustainable community

EPPSME BR e-portfolio community assembly This assembly will discuss the project aims and objectives and plans for setting up a sustainable e-portfolio community. The facilitators will discuss links with other projects and invite contributions. Contact : Alison Felce

A maturity toolkit for WFD projects

WELL and iWoBLE BR project assembly This assembly will discuss a recently awarded BR project run by the WELL team. The session will review and distil the lessons learnt from a range of institutions undertaking LLL-WFD projects and use them to support the creation of a “WFD maturity toolkit”. This will be trialled with a CAMEL group [...]

CPD-Eng and SAMSON Assembly

Portals, roles and responsibilities: A Window into the University This assembly will explore managing access to data through portals/interfaces and discuss the following issues: Why do external stakeholders (employers/other institutions etc.) need to see institutional data? What are the benefits to all stakeholders? Giving access to the relevant data to the right people How can [...]