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XCRI and CCLip assembly

Embedding XCRi in partnership 

1. Lessons learned from CCLIP

This first part of the assembly will discuss the challenges encountered and the lessons learned from the CCLIP project, i.e. the development of a CPD portal to promote and support the needs of both cultural partners and the educational institution partners.

2. XCRi – the UK eprospectus standard, enhanced capabilities and resource savings

The second part will introduce the BR XCRi Project, and invite constructive criticism on the BR XCRi Knowledge Base and its degree of ‘ fitness for purpose’. The XCRi Knowledge Base has been developed to provide an enhanced, consolidated and accessible resource of high quality information and guidance for a range of target audiences – layperson, institutional decision maker and technical implementer staff -  in relation to XCRi and thereon, to encourage its uptake.


XCRI: Erica Jones 

CCLIP: Trish Lunt

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